With An Obsession For Cupcakes, Some Reporting Skills, and a Leather Jacket


Hanna El-amrawi Heads To The White House

HannaWhere are you from? Why is that whenever I answer this thought-to–be simple, normal question, I am immediately bombarded with such bizarre follow up questions? Are you Cleopatra’s second cousin? OMG do you live in a pyramid? Wait wait, do you own a camel? Hold up! Can I see your cobra tattoo? Well as much as it may be flattering to be compared to Cleopatra’s beauty, I am in fact not her second cousin, and thankfully I don’t go to school on a camel.Hanna 2

So allow me to introduce myself properly; I’m Hanna El-amrawi (Yes I spell my name without an H at the  end) an average 20-year-old Egyptian girl, who grew up on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus (Does Ayia Napa, ring a bell? One of the world’s largest clubbing destinations).  I’m a junior in the American University in Cairo (yes its an actual building, not a pyramid) and I’m currently studying Mass Communications, while minoring in Business. I have a strong passion for reporting and the media; so what better place to develop my skills in this field, then to live across the in-famous White House (Did I mention I get to be in DC during Obama’s inauguration!).

grease-posterIf there are two things that my friends associate me with, its; Cupcakes and musical theater. I’m known as the one that gets overly excited over decorated cupcakes (You really should have seen my face when I first heard of the cupcake ATM machine in DC) and the one who believes that one day she will star as Sandy in the musical, Grease (I even bought myself a similar black, leather jacket).

My excitement over the existence of a 24-hour cupcake machine was nothing compared to the excitement I had, when I was accepted as an exchange student for the 2013 spring semester at The George Washington University. I’m certain that by joining some of the various student organizations at GW, I will be able to meet new people and to seek many new opportunities. I’m extremely excited to be immersed into a new culture and to get the chance to live in a multi-cultural society.sprinkles

However one thing I am not particularly excited about is the cold weather; having never seen snow in my life, I am not sure how I’m going to cope with the icy weather. If there is one thing I wish I could take with me to DC, it would be the blazing heat of the desert sun.

So follow the blog of an overly excited (have I mentioned that I was referred to as an overly excited freshman, up until the beginning of this year), cupcake-obsessed Egyptian girl, as she battles the cold weather of the East Coast dressed in her black leather jacket! I’m pretty sure you are going to be in for some surprises and some laughs!


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