The Blues


By lizalunstroo

The current state of mind in my apartment is one of sadness and depression – my roommates and I are saying goodbye this week, as are all the other international students that are only here for one semester. The first of us four has left Monday morning, and my own departure is looming on the near horizon too – next Sunday to be exact.

So we say goodbye, we cry a little, we cry a little more, and we thank each other for having been the most important people in our lives for about half a year. We’ve had fights, tensions that ran high, laughter, break-downs, stress, parties and all-nighters, shared food, stories, emotions and worries. In the end, what it came down to, is that we were each other’s family, getting to know each other in ways you normally don’t get to know other people.

It is with this that we say goodbye, thankful for the amazing semester and experiences. And it is not over yet. I still have an entire month ahead of me here in the USA – I am actually seeing quite some people I said goodbye to again – my journey shall take me from DC to NYC over Christmas, to New Orleans for New Year’s, to San Francisco, to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, to the Grand Canyon, to Chicago, back to DC. I hope I will survive the crazy travel plans my friend and I made – and if I do, you will hear from me last more time in January.


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