Movies Time!


By minhsuanchen

    I am really crazy about watching movies and I like to watch all types of movies, including romance, thriller, science-fiction, and so on. Without exaggeration, I can stay at home for an entire weekend only to watch movies and eat some snacks. I think the reason why I love movies so much is that my family gets closer to each other when we enjoy our movie times. All of the people in my family love movies a lot, so we often watch movies either at home or theaters and we often discuss how we feel about the movies after we watch them. It has been the best recreation for my family since I was young.

    Because I am so fascinated with movies, I feel excited to watch movies when I arrived at GW. Thus, I searched the internet and found an adorable theater called Landmark West End Cinema just a few blocks away from the campus on M Street. This theater is quite small but beautiful and it plays some unique movies that you will not be able to watch in other theaters.


    Today, my friends and I chose to watch a great movie called the Florida project. It is a really special movie because the leading characters are not adults but children. Through children’s naïve eyes, we are able to look at the world they are in without criticism. I do not plan to say too much about the plot because I believe some of you will want to watch it later. No matter what, it is an awesome movie and I really enjoyed my time watching movies with all the people in this theater. If you have some time and you do not know a place to relax, I recommend you to go and pick a movie at the Landmark West End Cinema (You can get the movie at 9 dollars if you bring your student ID card).



About minhsuanchen

“Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough/ Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades/ Forever and forever when I move,” says Alfred Lord Tennyson. Hello! My name is Melissa from National Chengchi University in Taiwan. I am an optimistic person who is always willing to embrace new challenges every day and I enjoy making friends with people from different countries. Thus, I participated in the exchange student to attend the George Washington University in 2018 spring semester to brave myself, for this is my first time studying abroad. I expect and believe that I will definitely enjoy a great time for my upcoming semester in GW. If you want to make friends with me, or you are interested in reading journals from a Taiwanese girl’s perspective, keep on following my blog! The blog will be updated at least once a week.

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