National Arboretum


By emreceyhun

It was a long and dense week because of the election, the mood of people who are disappointed with the results, and the people protesting the results. In addition to that, having lots of school work has made me really stressed and I want to move away from the city. My friend Raphael, in this stressful time, offered to go with me to the National Arboretum, which is a natural break from the heavy buildings of the DC. We are lucky that the Arboretum is really close to the city. The trip lasted about 15 minutes by bike. The National Arboretum is a huge botanic museum supported by  United States Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Research Service. Visitors can see a variety of collections from all over the world.

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The collections are:

  • Asian Collections
  • Azalea Collections
  • Dogwood Collection
  • Fern Valley
  • Friendship Garden
  • Gotelli Dwarf and Slow-Growing Conifer Collection
  • Holly and Magnolia Collection
  • National Bonsai and Penjing Museum
  • National Boxwood Collection
  • National Capitol Columns
  • National Herb Columns
  • Perennial Collections
  • Youth Garden

My favourite collections were the Asian Collections (consists of Asian, China Valleys, Japanese Woodland and Korean Hillside), Azalea Collection (consists of Historic Glenn Dales, Morrison Garden, Mount Hamilton Overlook, Henry Mitchell Walk and Lee garden) and the National Capitol Columns (twenty-two sandstone columns that once stood at the east portico of the U.S. Capitol now stand at the heart of the Arboretum).  I would suggest any one to follow the path I described above. However, since it was autumn, most of the flowers were not alive and we couldn’t see the real beauty. I can not imagine how beautiful would have it been if I had gone there in the summer !

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