National Museum of African-American History and Culture


This week, Washington DC hosted a special and sensitive event, grand opening of National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a chance to go inside of the museum but join the festival dedicated to the opening. This opening has also special meaning for the US experiencing disproportionate and racist use of police force against African-American people and Trump’s hateful and discriminative discourses against the diversity of US. I hope that Obama’s thoughtful speech could show that this nation was not just built with the sacrifices of one race but the sacrifices of all.

The museum is located in 200 15th St NW, which is really close to Washington monument and the heart of the DC, and I think the location of the museum clearly shows the place of African-American people in American history. Even though I can not understand the gold color chosen to cover outside of the building, it provides aesthetic for the tourists.


Even though I have 2 papers, 2 midterms and 1 assignment for Tuesday (Yeah, this is what studying in a qualified university means !!), I had chance to attend the 11th Yoga event at National Mall, which was dedicated, this time, to the grand openings of the museum !!! Under the beautiful sun in Sunday, 200 people did yoga and experienced the peaceful air and solidarity created by the museum. After all, yoga is a discipline promoting finding peace in oneself and the world. However, it was my second yoga practice :). Yet, I really enjoyed the time I spent at the mall, and this time was different than past. This time, people sharing the same view help me believe in the possibility to achieve a better world.

yoga and washmon



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