New Jersey!


By emreceyhun

I have always heard New Jersey from movies and TV Series, and to be honest, the impression of Jersey was not a place worth to go. However, after seeing it, I can clearly say that this is wrong !train

So, talking about my trip to New Jersey, I have to mention the Union Station which is the bus station nearly for all buses in DC. If one says that Washington DC is a living-history city, Union Station is one of the reason why one thinks that way. It was built in 1907 and has operated since then. The gorgeous architecture and the sculptures living in it areĀ nothing but impresses one immediately.


Even though I missed my bus to Jersey, I could find a next bus one hour later thanks to the schedule of Megabus which is a company organizing bus trips to several locations such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York etc. , which means that every exchange student who wants to go outside of DC will use Megabus.

After 3 hour long trip, I arrived New Jersey and passed immediately to Atlantic City, where is called “Las Vegas” of the East Coast. I haven’t seen the Las Vegas but I can clearly say that Atlantic city is really different in terms of gambling and, particularly, the size of gambling. I have to admit that I go to Bulgaria every month to gamble and may be a gamble-addicted. However, I think I can compare the casinos in Europe and in Atlantic city. The casinos in Atlantic city is, basically, big and different. I say that it is different because the games that I play regularly has some additional rules for example I saw a double zero bet in roulette, which you can not see in Europe.



Atlantic City is not, of course, just about its casinos. In there, I had a chance to enjoy last days of summer in Brigantine Beach, which is located close to Atlantic City, and it was my first experience of swimming in the ocean. Before that, I have always swum in the seas. Unluckily, I fell asleep under the sun and the suntan back of my body still hurts while I am writing these words. However, I think that beside all touristic places such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia etc. every exchange student should experience New Jersey and gamble there !!!



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