Peaceful Week


By kyuyoun0702

Weather has been so beautiful lately, and my friends and I decided to take a tour in D.C. for the weekend.

The first place we visited was donburi in Adams Morgan. On our way there, we think we saw a Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence passing by so casually. We were so surprised we got off and chased after her, but the bar she entered was closed. We are guessing that she borrowed the bar for herself with her friends for a day off. Boys who didn’t see her said it is impossible that she would come all the day from LA. However, according to my friend who saw her, her hair and clothing style were so similar to that of Jennifer Lawrence that she is pretty sure that its her. Too bad we couldn’t take a selfie nor get a signature.

After getting a bowl of sakedon, we walked along the street to go to Cakeroom, the most famous cake cafe in Adams Morgan. The design of the cafe was cozy and relaxing that we spent more than 2 hours just sitting there and chatting. Even though I only had a cup of coffee for diet, I surely regret not having the cake. My friend exalted the Red Velvet and Chocolate cake, which makes me want to visit there again by myself to get some cupcakes and cakes.


The weather was so great that we didn’t find a need to take an Uber. We walked for about 30 minutes in the pleasant sunlight and chatted as we went. Even though it rained a bit in the morning, the blue sky that appeared later on was so beautiful. The brief period in transition of spring and summer is certainly the best time of the year. Our final destination was in front of the monument at World War II memorial. We sat down on a bench for a while, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the view.



On Sunday, I went to the picnic at the church in Centerville. Its been three weeks since I’ve attended the church, and so far I’ve been loving it so much. We had great food at the barbecue, met new people and shared our experiences and hard times as students. Praying for each other is the great motivation in life, and I hope to attend the church until I leave for Korea.







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