National Harbor at Maryland


By kyuyoun0702

What I was surprised by the most in United States is the overwhelming power of nature. Seoul is an iridescent place with skyscrapers and buildings, and the only remnants of nature I could see were the trees along the pathway. However, United States is a country that doesn’t predate over nature; it coexist with it, as huge as their territory is. This is where I realized that earth is not only for humans to live, but also for other elements in the earth to reside in harmony with the humans.

Another epiphany struck me when I went to the National Harbor at Maryland today.
Look at the sky! The sun had just disappeared down the horizon and only the slightest lights remain. It gets fainter as its farther from the sun, and sky is mostly filled with different colors of blue.
Even though the sunshine almost penetrated my sunglass to the extent that my eyes itched, I still couldn’t take my eyes off of the beautiful sunset.
Surrounding the National Harbor are the streets filled with people and shops. As it is around the harbor, there were a lot of seafood restaurants as well as chain restaurants such as Chipotle, Ben and Jerry’s and Potbelly. Since it had been raining for few days this week, I guess people were excited about the amazing weather today. There were families, couples and group of friends who came to enjoy this wonderful amalgam of city and nature.
My parents were excited as well. My dad just came back from South Carolina for his business trip, and it had been a while since we went out as a family (except my brother who was exhausted from his basketball game). They went ahead of us to have a little chit chat, and the whole picture was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking photo of it.
Tah-dah! What an amazing day! except that I have another midterm exam on Tuesday….! I really don’t like how midterms are so dispersed. I am taking three midterm examination and one midterm essay within the course of three weeks, which is frustrating me so much!

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