My visit to Georgetown


By kyuyoun0702

I have remarked earlier that my next destination would be Georgetown cupcakes, and I got to have this accomplished in a relatively short period of time. An upperclassman of mine from Yonsei University also came to Washington D.C. for an exchange student, and we decided to meet up and have a good lunch together. I was wandering around Georgetown while I was waiting for her to come, and found Georgetown cupcakes. There weren’t much people because it was pretty early, and I thought this was a chance for me to get some cupcakes.

It was an arduous task to pick what cupcakes to buy since every one of them looked so marvelous. Having trust in my sixth sense, I just randomly picked what came to my sight when I was ordering. I only got to try Red Velvet and I thought it was pretty awesome. What distinguished this from other red velvet cupcakes I have tried was the cream on it. It was not too cream-like but not too artificially solid, and I could feel the scent of cheese at the top of my tongue. it I heard later on that it is one of the signature menus of Georgetown Cupcakes (yeay to my sixth sense again!!).
At about 12pm, we met together in front of Georgetown cupcakes. It was surely bizarre to see her in the U.S. but I guess we both got used to living here. We were touring Georgetown with ease.
The first place we visited was Luke’s Lobster. I forgot to take a picture, but it was pretty good. The lobster was fresh and it went along well with the bread. The mexican beer and the chips that came along with the roll were decent as well. However, the price was more than merely surprising – it was $41 for two roll set. I know that lbsters are good, and I know that Luke’s Lobster is renowned for its lobster roll, but it was way too expensive for college students to have for a meal.
Next, we went searching for a good place for dessert. That’s where we found a hidden crepe and bubble tea house with a cute fox character on its door (I forgot the name). We were trying to go to Baked and Wired, which we later realized that was right next door, but we gave up and went inside any dessert shop we could find. However, it turned out to be amazing! The crepe was really good, and the Chai bubble tea was the best bubble tea I had in a while.
Unnie (which is a Korean term for an upperclassman) offered me a ride back to school. I thought it was a great great day until I opened the cupcake box and realized that I was a very stupid person.
Even though my mother told me it was still good, I was so stupid I didn’t realize that cupcakes are fragile. One lesson learned; carry your cupcake box as if you’re carrying a baby.

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