But I just can’t get enough


It’s been a month since I arrive in the U.S. A MONTH. If someone told me that, I wouldn’t believe it. 31 days already? Where did my days go? Everything seems to have happened yesterday, not weeks ago! Looking back, I know I did a million things but still do not seem so long ago. Some people believe that the time runs faster when you are having a good time and runs slower when you are not, even though they now that is not possible. In this case, I’ll believe it too, because everything I did until now has been great and I enjoyed each minute of my life here in DC.

As a hyperactive person, I need to do something almost all the time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to rest and watch TV, but in general, I love having my schedule as complete as possible. Because of that, I’m attending 4 business classes and other 3 relaxing classes. One of those is meditation and this week I attended the class for the first time. It was definitely not what I expected. The professor made us relax the body while trying to do some abs and even if it was a bit confusing and complicated at first, it turned to be really amazing. At the end of the class we had to do some exercises in groups and because I didn’t know anyone and because the games were really weird (like staring at the other person and sticking our tongues out or just laugh without reason) everything became awkward and super fun at the same time. I’m really glad I add that course to my weekly obligations 🙂

On Tuesday, my friends and I went to The Kennedy Center to attend a concert of The GWU department of music Camerata. Artist playing Piano, drums, viola, violin and cello plus the singers, gave us a beautiful performance that left us wanting to hear more. Also, it was my first time at the center and it is marvelous! It is a beautiful theatre with mirrors in the wall, red carpets in the floor and some huge chandelier lamps that makes you admire the luxury of the place.

millenium stage

This week I also had a nostalgic moment when all my friends back in Argentina got together and call me by Skype. They were having dinner there and I was having dinner here so we kind of made us company. We spoke more than 2 hours and those were definitely the best two hours of my week. I realized I miss them a lot and that I wont see them for a long time so I got really sad but at the same time Skype reunite us and made me feel closer to them than I really am.


The next day I also spoke with one of my best friends and he told me he is coming to visit me in March!!! I’m so so so so happy and I can’t wait until he comes!! It’s going to be his first time in DC and I’ll be the tour guide so I should go to more museums before he comes 🙂

Sunday was a really long day. I woke up early in the morning to finish a paper I had to write and around 10am my friend Vicky (the other Argentinian that came here with me) and I went to Mount Vernon to have pancakes with the provost. After having a great conversation about culture differences, politics, weather and trying to help a deer that was lost, we got back to Foggy Bottom. An hour later we walked to Wal-Mart to buy some food and after that we went back to watch the Super bowl! Back home the Super bowl is not as important as here. Not only because any of the teams is our team, but also because Football (or how we call it: American football) is not a popular sport. I think we only practice Rugby, which is similar, but not the same game. I watched the game with my roommate and her friends. She also cooked a great meal for all of us and then it was all screams, drinks and joy because “we” won! #GoPats? After that we went to a bar to celebrate the victory!!! We had a fantastic time together until we got really tired and run back home to conclude our week with a delicious ice cream.


Again, this exchange is exceeding my expectations.


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