KEEP CALM we are back to class


By ilakes2015

The first week of classes just began and I’ve done as many things as the first week in DC. I’m taking 4 business courses that I like and I have 4 different and interesting professors from all over the world: A Chinese professor, an Indian professor, an American man, and the sweetest American lady. Since it is my first week, there is not much to say (the classes were mostly introductory) but I don’t have to get up really early in the morning and I don’t finish late so I think I may have a lot of time to travel around, visit, and of course, study. But most important, I’ll have plenty of time to be with my family and friends just the way I did this week..

On Tuesday night, my brother (who lives here) took me to the basketball game where The Wizards played against The San Antonio Spurs. If you are an Argentinian or a basketball fan, you may know that Manu Ginobili is one of the best players of the NBA and I GOT THE CHANCE TO MEET HIM!! It was unbelievable, we were like one hundred people trying to meet him and I was right next to him for the picture and talking moment! That night was incredible, not only because I met him but also because neither my brother nor I know a lot about basketball but just for the game, we decided that each of us was going to cheer for one of the teams and the loser had to pay for dinner. We enjoyed the game until the last minute. We laughed a lot, we won two shirts and after the game, we went to Shake Shack for some veggie hamburgers that he paid for although my team lost. Everything about that night would stay on my mind forever.


This week was also a special week because my roommate and me started our cooking lessons so we prepared chocolate cookies and sweet bread. Well, she cooked and I watched her (I’m a great fan of the food but not a great cooker) but I know that by the end of the semester i’ll be able to prepare different recipes. Speaking about food, this week I also went to some friends’ places to have dinner. They prepared woks, pasta and chicken and rice that we ate with a glass of wine and many different funny stories that made us laugh and share a special moment for all of us. As a song says, were our first midnight memories and there are many more to come!


Just like in the movies I like, dancing auditions at GW are super special. Even thought I haven’t practiced in 5 years, I decided to participate on Capital Funk auditions. This group is extraordinary, they perform hip-hop routines and participate each year in national competitions where they’ve been winning first and second place for the last 7 years. Of course, I didn’t make it to the team but only the idea of sharing the dance floor with such an amazing dancers was enough to enjoy the moment. Apart from that, I decided to participate in other dance lessons such as Zumba and Ballroom that were also special and different to what I’m used to dance. I’m glad I went to the student orgs fair at Marvin Center, I wouldn’t have known that there are like 300 groups you can join at GWU!!


My spectacular week ended with a 3 days weekend because of Martin Luther King Day. While for some people that means sleeping the whole day, neither working nor studying or doing nothing at all, for a lot of us it meant volunteering day. My friends and me participated in different activities to contribute and serve in the community. We created nice blankets, greeting cards and bracelets to donate to kids that are in hospitals or for those that just need it. It was a special day. I also got the chance to meet The President of our University (YES, in the first week!) and heard 3 different cheerful and interesting speeches about this particular day. Even though it was Monday, was the perfect ending for my first week of involvement in this community and university life.


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