This past weekend has been one of a range of emotions for me. As I mentioned, being away from Scotland during the referendum was a big sacrifice in choosing to come to GW this year. It was compounded with the fact that I’d been suffering from a flu the week previous – I’m a total kid when I’m sick, all I want is to be brought tea and soup – so this past week had been tough.

When choosing to come to GW it was because it was such a good and unique opportunity, I’m not a superstitious person but I had hoped it would stand as a good omen for a yes vote on Thursday, alas it was not to be.

I did have very good company to watch the results come in as many former friends from back home, now based in DC made the trip out to The Queen Vic pub on H Street NE, a classic British boozer which ironically enough was full of Yes supporting bar staff – either Irish or American.

As the night progressed, it became quickly apparent that the result I and those who had gathered at the Queen Vic had hoped to come in, wasn’t going to. Nonetheless it was great to see many old friends again and some other Scots who are here in DC. The local news even showed up to get our views on the night:

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 16.19.04

The following day was spent nursing a whisky hangover and binge watching Netflix. Saturday however seen us back to H Street NE with the H Street Festival – which was a blast!

H St NE was voted 6th most hipster place in America by Forbes Magazine in 2012 and you can still see why.

The festival spanned over 10 blocks along H Street NE with the street blocked off to traffic, as thousands of DC residents caroused the many stalls, which ranged from face-painting and t-shirt sales to art and political campaigns. I was told that there was over 200 businesses, restaurants, community organisations and merchants there that day.

I even got the chance to meet the mayor who was walking amongst other residents in jeans and a polo shirt, almost fitting in if it wasn’t for the two armed bodyguards watching his every move.

I spent most of my time enjoying liquid refreshments in one of the many bars with outdoor seating.

There was live music on a host of stages from local acts all afternoon, with some real talent on show.

Amongst the highlights was the Washington Nationals Presidents race down a block.

Next week sees “fall’ arrive and I’m eagerly anticipating a lower temperature. I’m also looking at forming plans for a trip to New York, another to South Carolina and back to the West Coast for some much needed relaxation in Southern California.


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