Only at GW


As I mentioned in my last blog, the most prominent feeling before arriving 

was definitely excitement over a small amount of nervousness. From the moment we arrived on campus, we didn’t really have any time to let any of those emotions get the better of ourselves. 

The study abroad office were absolutely fantastic in ensuring we had a back-to-back agenda with a mixture of very informative sessions coupled with equally informative – but somewhat more fun – trips or games to introduce everyone to our new city. 

Not only did the induction week bond all the international students really well – it feels like I’ve known some of them for years, not days – it also bonded us to DC. From trips to the Smithsonian, races around campus, tour of congress and Mount Vernon – and even the group trip to Target, it forced everybody to jump head first into life here. The Nationals even gained some 80 new fans!


The opportunities here at GW appear to be limitless. With world-renowned experts as Professors, illustrious alumni, fantastic internship opportunities and of course being at the geographic center of the political universe, it feels like GW is a great place to be with something extraordinary always around the corner.

It’s undoubtedly different to what we all know back at our home institutions. Where else would the President’s motorcade be a legitimate reason for being late for class? #OnlyatGW

So as we move forward, everyone is ready to go and wants to jump headfirst into life here. So, that’s what I’m off to today!

I’ll be checking again this week with my cultural faux pàs’ – there’s been several.

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