The pros and pros of studying abroad


By hannahbethdray

We are now past the mid-point in April, which can only mean one thing – Spring semester is coming to a close. This semester has gone by incredibly fast, and there are now only 3 weeks to go until exams are over. For some exchange students that will be the end of their time in America. I have been fortunate enough to get an Internship in DC, so will be staying until Mid-July, but a lot of the friends I have made here will be leaving in May. A few of them will actually be in Europe with me in September, studying at various universities, just as I have done.

My friend, Paul, who will be studying in Chile next semester, asked me what the one piece of advice would be I would give to someone going to another country; this was a tough question. I could say “don’t take a lot of stuff with you, as you will never get it all back into two suitcases” or “although you may want to buy multiple cuddly toys (yes I still like cuddly toys) avoid them!” or “if you study in America you will eat A LOT of burgers.” And then I thought that these are all silly little things in the grand scheme of your exchange semester. The big thing that I have tried to do this year is say ‘yes’ to everything. Say yes to the trips away at the weekends, or the sports games (even if you have no clue about the rules of baseball). Say yes to trying new food like sushi or escargot (even though they are slimey critters!) And be willing to try new and exciting things. Every country has something different to offer – you just have to find out what that is.

I also thought about how much I have changed this year, and whether I act differently here than I do at home. I decided that being in a new place, gives you so much freedom – much more than you will ever imagine. Become more sociable and make conversation with people at parties, in your classes and at a restaurant – just because you can! The beauty of being in another country – no one knows you! You can be whoever you want to be. You can be more outgoing, or confident or laid back and no one can stop you!

I was given a quote by my parents on coming to the US and I feel it is aptly appropriate for anyone considering going abroad to study or even travel after graduation: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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