It’s Summertime !


This past week couldn’t have been more perfect seeing that the weather finally decided to change. I made my peace with DC’s weather being schizophrenic but what I did not anticipate is that it would be skip spring altogether. We have been graced by a very warm weather these past few days and it definitely meant that everyone is dusting off the dresses, shorts, tank tops, sandals and sunglasses ditching the coats, sweaters, boots and gloves, Finally !

What a great timing also, the great weather coincided with the cherry blossoms tree that fully blossomed this Friday giving the city wonderfully soft hues of pink and whites. This also meant that Facebook would be flooded by pictures of the beautiful cherry blossom trees which definitely marked the end of winter and the beginning of spring .. ahem .. summer.

So my friends and I, the “walking club” decided to go see the parade on Saturday. First things first, it seemed to me that everyone from DC and the surrounding areas have poured into the city to watch the much anticipated parade, clogging the streets and the metros on the way. The parade was sweet and entertaining, and I particularly loved the flying panda, the balloons, and was surprised by the tap dancers. Standing under the sun for hours definitely required a treat and I got myself a nice and popsicle.

After the parade, we walked down the national mall and no matter how many times came here, I would always do the same thing: take a pictures with the capitol, turn around and take a pictures with the Washington monument ! We then had “lunch” (it was more waiting than actually eating) in the multiple food trucks where the line were terribly long. After waiting (ahem eating), we walked down to the Tidal Basin and the walk there was one of the most difficult one. There were people EVERYWHERE we went. The streets were blocked with pedestrian traffic. We had to wait for long moments in line, on the pavements for the street to slowly clear up until we reached the tidal basin and even then, we had to wait and find a spot.

Although the day was pretty much waiting all along, it was still a good day. I walked around and discovered that I wouldn’t ever get tired of the city because everything about it was unique and different at the same time. Being in such a great company did help quite a lot !

On Sunday and seeing that the weather would still be in our favor, we decided to have a picnic down at the Potomac river front. Of course and as usual, we got so much food that we couldn’t finish in the end. We laid our blankets and yoga mats under a cherry blossom tree by the river and proceeded to enjoy what was more like a buffet.

This weekend has been the perfect combination of the things I like: shorts, warm weather, food and great company.


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