Old Town Alexandria.


A lot happened in the past few weeks. We had a great barbecue at friend’s house where everyone gathered around deliciously cooked burgers and sausages accompanied with what seemed a never-ending stream of foods. We ate, talked, ate, laughed and ate some more !

A friend of mine back from Morocco studying at West Virgina came to visit Washington DC this weekend and I realized something that I slowly started to take for granted: Washington is a an amazing place where diversity meets culture and historical heritage. Being the good friend that I am, I made it my duty to show her around town starting with Georgetown. We also went to old town Alexandria and it was as much as discovery for me as it might have been for her. The quaint little town with it’s narrow boutiques where the floor creaks with each steps you take, where you can find wonders in antique stores, where the flowers are blooming and the birds singing. The people there were strolling down the streets, families were enejoying the sunny day with their dogs.

We strolled around the main street of town until we reached the marina. There was an old guy was playing music using wine glasses. We then had great seafood in a lighthouse/restaurant right beside the water. Since I’ve been here, perhaps one of the most difficult tasks I had to do is order food. No seriously, choosing the right food is extremely stressful especially when seafood and fish is involved. I hesitated for very long minutes deciding between the fish and chips and the jumbo shrimp. I ended up going to the traditional fish and chips and let me tell you it wasn’t disappointing. There is a trick for all of you out there that can’t seem to choose anything in a really good menu: go for the first thing you see and think “oh this looks delicious I should order it”. Because more often than not, the first choice is the better, believe me !


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