The life of an American as seen by a British chick…


By hannahbethdray

The countdown has begun…I only have 3 and a half months left in the US. The weather is getting better FINALLY and spring has appeared. April in DC is the time of Cherry Blossoms, Festivals and beautiful weather. So I feel like I need to experience as much as I can while I am still here. The first step was finally going to see a professional basketball game. As you’ve seen on my blog before, I have been to a lot of games at GW, but being in an arena is a completely different thing. Photo 1 (1)The Washington Wizards were playing the Phoenix Suns. Although the Wizards were down by 23 points, they managed to pull it back and only lose by 6. We had cotton candy (candy floss) and ice cream – way too much sugar!Photo 2 (3)The girls spent the rest of the week seeing all the sights of DC including the Zoo and Georgetown. We headed out to Chinatown in the evening to visit a country bar (some people class DC as being the edge of the South) and experience a real American bar.

On Saturday I tried to think of the most stereotypical American place to take Georgina and Tamara for dinner – where better than Hooters!  Photo 3I had also not been there myself after Trevor and I made a deal in September to go there at some point. The wings were huge and the place was full of men watching sports – us English girls felt a little out of place. We watched as multiple people had birthdays and had to stand on a chair while the Hooter’s girls danced around them. And surprisingly I was apparently turning 22 again that day as my friends had told the waitresses it was my birthday! Embarrassing photo of me having to dance like a chicken on a chair: There is also a video but I hope that never sees the light of day! Photo 4 (2)Saturday night I also got to experience something new: A Graffiti Party. All white t shirts and a lot of sharpie pens! (Note to self, sharpie takes a long time to come off skin! Photo 5
Photo 6 Various parts of my shirt includes: “you sound like you’re from London”, “US saved Britain during both world wars” and a rainbow drawn by Maddy. Maddy and I also perfected our Sorority girl pose that evening:Photo 7

Sunday morning saw the girls head to Union Station to begin their trip to New York and me head to the shower to get the Shamrock and Flower off my cheeks! I spent most of Sunday afternoon in shock as it was once again snowing (luckily it didn’t settle) and trying to catch up on work – I need another Spring Break! I managed to have a break on Tuesday night when I went to see the Washington Capitals take on the Dallas Stars in my first ice hockey game and I loved it! Photo 8 The atmosphere was even better than the basketball game! Photo 9
Photo 10 So this week has been one of firsts: First basketball game, first ice hockey game, first trip to Hooters and first Graffiti party. Overall a successful week! Photo 11


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