Embarking on a journey to change my perspectives.


Hello readers! I’m Ines, from Argentina. During the second-to-last semester of my undergraduate career in Political Science, I will be attending George Washington University. I can’t believe I’m embarking on this incredible journey. I know that it is going to be amazing.

Mis syou

I can’t wait to start touring DC, from running around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, to visiting all the museums. I am also excited to join the variety of activities that GW has to offer, like discussion groups, community service projects, sporting events and checking out the nightlife. I’m also looking forward to traveling across the US. Most importantly, I’m excited to meet new people, make new friends, share my culture, enjoy new cultures, and expand my horizons.

I have no doubt that this place will be a big change for me. To be more explicit, I am sharing below some pictures of the little town where my parents were born and where I spent all my summers, Santa Maria.


The contrast of lifestyle, of people and of environments will definitely break a lot of the social structures that I have known. I know that I have to put in my effort, my joy, and my willingness to make the most out of this great opportunity. I am looking forward to sharing all my new experiences with you.



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