Two Weeks To Go and Five Courses To Complete


By zelenkal

Exactly two weeks from now, I will be waiting outside Amsterdam Hall with all the pieces of luggage around me, hoping that I did not forget anything. I am a little bit homesick, so I am looking forward stepping out of Prague airport. At the same time, it makes one feels anxious. Will I ever the chance to see these places that have become so familiar in the past few months again? Am I even able to be familiar with Washington at all? I feel like it is certainly easy to become familiar with the campus. I remember Claudia talking in her blog about how easily it so happens that you spend your whole weekend without walking out of campus, where you have basically everything. This is even harder now, with the amount of work, either with writing the papers or preparing for the finals. You just cannot allow yourself to wander around DC for a couple of hours, because even a couple of hours is vital in order to finish the work you have. However, I am hoping I will be able to experience unique last two weeks in Washington, being able to get out of campus more often than in the past.

This was my goal I set on the weekend. On Sunday, I went with my friends to Georgetown in order to get a new Washingtonian experience – we were canoeing on the Potomac river. We were able to go sort of close to the Kennedy Center around the Waterfront. Then we found ourselves somewhere in between tall business building on the right side (Rosslyn) and wild-looking forest on the left (Theodore Roosevelt Island). It was interesting, I have never had such an experience inside the city. It feels strange to paddle in the US Capital with all the airplanes roaring above your head, and see a fisherman, whose surrounding is trees and nothing but trees. After that I found out I cannot just wander around Georgetown without getting a cupcake. This one was really special, though. As an honor to The Big Lebowski, Baked and Wired named a cupcake called “Dude,” which is filled with the ingredients that are included in the protagonist’s favorite drink, The White Russian.

Well, I have list of things to do before I leave. I will have to explore more the East of Washington, then I am hoping to have a little trip to Virginia to three different locations. Fingers cross the finals are gentle to me and I will manage to have a picnic on the Mall once more, have a run around all the monuments at least three times before I leave, get a Krispy Kreme doughnut before I leave, and much more. I am also putting the list of movies and TV shows set in Washington together, so that I can still go through places that are now my temporary home even when I am at my permanent one. A new candidate for me has been The House of Cards, with beautiful scenes from Washington, witty dialogues, interesting concept, and Kevin Spacey as the main protagonist, congressman Frank Underwood.


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