Color Our Way to Homerun


By amrawi

When you think of Americans, what is the one sport that crosses your mind? Let me give you a hint: there is a bat involved in the game. Its no other sport than baseball, and I can gladly say that my weekend was filled with baseball ,baseball, and baseball!

Nationals Stadium

Nationals Stadium

Last Thursday, the study abroad office took the exchange students, to what was many of our first, baseball game. With our red, blue and white shirts on; over 30 exchange students were ready to cheer on the Washington Nationals. I cannot begin to explain how cold it was up in the 10-dollar row. So with a few shivers and a sad face, we managed to squeeze ourselves into the front row.

While most people around us could clearly tell we were not Americans, we still knew exactly what was going on with the game. That is because about 7 of us are members of the intramural baseball team in GWU called “ Sons of Pitches”. With Ashleigh, our former orientation leader, as our captain we had many practices and drills, so at least we knew the basic rules of the game.



Following the Nationals defeat, we also lost both of our matches at GWU, but it was still such an awesome experience. As exchange students we got to meet and play with other GWU students, which we wouldn’t have normally met. Not many people can say I played on a baseball team in GWU right across the Lincoln Memorial! I bet my friends back home will be jealous!



Taking off our knee long socks and our blue team shirt, we were ready for the Indian color festival called “ Holi on the Quad”. This festival is used to signal the beginning of spring. What do u get when you mix college students with colorful powder and then top it off with water balloons? Yes, absolute chaos! It really was but it was totally worth the spoiled clothes!

An awesome weekend, and now a week full of work ahead of me!


Holi at GW

Holi at GW

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