Groove the Night Away


By amrawi

Remember those days when glow sticks and temporary tattoos were so cool?Hanna and Dina How about when the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys dominated your MP3 player? Well this weekend was definitely a blast from the past, when an Amsterdam dorm room was quickly transformed into a 90s themed party!

With a jean jacket on and a ponytail tied to the side, I was ready for a flashback to the good all days. Posters of “Full House” pinned to the wall, and Spice Girls music in the background; it sure did feel like I was doing a semester back in the 90’s. It was such a great feeling dancing the night away to some of the 90’s best hits with your new exchange family! With a Hula Hoop competition and lime punch and a tattoo booth; it definitely did make me feel like I was back in my childhood! I believe my 10-year-old self would have never predicted that I would be here in DC 10 years later.

Mackelmore StageAdding on to our Friday night groove, we had a one-day resting period before we would have to recharge our energy for the annual Spring Fling festival at GWU. This year however, a special guest was to take the stage, at the universities U-Yard. “ Same love”, “Thrift shop”, does “Ceiling Can’t Hold Us” ring a bell? Well for me, I had no idea what people were talking about.  I was just hoping that by Spring Fling, it would mean that the weather would be warm!

“Dude Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis! You don’t know them?” questioned Christian, a GWU student. I had a blank stare on my face until he proceeded to sing “ I’m gonna pop some tags, I got $20 dollars”. That’s when I started getting excited! Mackelmoredude

The festival started at 2pm and with a long line of people waiting to get free food and giveaways it took us a while to get in. However the line was totally worthwhile; when we were given free Domino’s pizza and free red Spring fling t-shirts that had “Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis” names imprinted on the back. With the sun shining bright, I was just happy sitting on the grass and soaking up the sun! Then at around 6pm “Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis” decided to take the stage, that’s when the GWU students went crazy! Even though I only knew one song! It was totally worth it!

With such a hectic weekend of grooving and dancing, I believe the next few days will be filled with work and relaxations.



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