All the Local Food


Having done a significant amount of traveling this semester, I was able to sum up 13 memorable meals I have tasted or places I have eaten. Before I start with my rating, I should mention that all the meals that contain meat  have a very disadvantageous position, I simply do not particularly enjoy meat ( I love seafood though!)

  1. Hot Dogs – They are everywhere! You should have one when trying to walk all around the Central Park . So far the worst local food in US, but a two-dollar must.
  1. Half-Smokes ( found at Ben’s Chili Bowl) – Anybody who lives or is staying in Washington should go there. It is an amazing place, and a good way to relax in an otherwise busy and serious city. The ranking is rather unfair owing to my distaste for sausages.
  1. Philly Cheesesteak – I guess it  depends on the place, but I just could not have more than one sandwich. However, I ate the whole thing despite its appearance, and it certainly tastes better than it looks.

    10. Chicago “stuffed” Pizza (at Giordano’s) – amazingly big and different, yet pretty good. You have enough food for two days.

  1. Wendy’s – there are times you just want to grab some food quickly and a fast food chain seems to be the best solution. In that case, search for Wendy’s.  Good drinks and semi- fresh and tasty food – what else do you expect from a fast food place?
  1. A ” New York” Bagel – certainly my favorite bread product in US. There is nothing like a warm bagel with some butter for breakfast. This is even more intense when eating a bagel in a New York City bakery. No matter what flavor , it will be a highlight of a NYC trip.
  1. Boston Kreme Doughnuts (sold in doughnut shops all over the US *Dunkin Donuts*) – I do like these classic American treats. When I was in Boston, it was the first thing I had to do – having a traditional Boston Kreme doughnut in Boston makes one enjoy this delicious treat even more.
  1. Nuts 4 Nuts – If you decide to walk around Central Park, you will quickly find out that it can get very windy. Something like roasted nuts that smell so delicious can get you back to the spirit.
  1. Froyo  – I have only had Frozen yogurt in DC. It is a really good invention, especially with all the great flavors and toppings. This time of the year, when the weather is nicer, the best thing you can do is just to grab one and walk around..
  1.  Brick Oven Pizza – Easter Sunday closed the pizzeria I had longed to go to for so long. John’s of Bleecker Street (in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC) is supposed to have a delicious brick oven pizza and it is also one of the places depicted in Woody Allen’s Manhattan. Unfortunatley, because it was close I had to try a brick oven pizza at different pizzeria. I guess you can never go wrong with this food, you will always like it.
  1.  Cupcakes  – no matter if Baked and Wired or Georgetown Cupcakes (both in DC) is your choice, one just loves it. I cannot believe I had not have a cupcake before I came to US. Actually, I do not have a clue of what I am going to do back in the Czech Republic without them.
  1. Seafood (from New England) – I have been to two places where seafood is supposed to be just great, and none of it was a disappointment. A beautiful restaurant located in a typical New England setting of Mystic Seaport was a great experience followed by seafood in Boston a month later. Considering the fact that there is no sea in the Czech Republic, I should take advantage of being able to eat seafood so fresh.
  1. Junior’s Cheesecake (in NYC) I wish I was gifted enough to put this into words. The best cheesecake I have ever had, whether a raspberry one, or cherry one or a red velvet cheesecake. The location is quite convenient, you can be sure  to see the Times Square. The hours are also very welcoming since they are opened until 1 am. 

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