A few things I’m loving about GW


By claudiadev

Now that I’m settled down into a routine here at GW I thought it’d be worth listing a few of the things I’m loving so far about GW.

1. Wholefoods & Trader Joe’s

At home we have two big supermarket chains that control the market. Both are decent, but neither does organic food very well (as well as having lots of gluten/lactose free options). It’s great having two stores so close by full of great food and produce (especially with the ready made food options at Wholefoods). Both stores are more expensive than the big Safeway supermarket in Georgetown but even so the prices are about the same I’d pay at home for food that isn’t organic or as good quality.

2. The location

I’m still reeling from the fact that all I had to do to watch President Obama get inaugurated was walk a few blocks to the Lincoln Memorial and then wander down the National Mall. Not to mention the ease of being near a metro stop, in a city with frequent and efficient trains. My friends and I visited the National Archives on Friday to go see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. We caught the train to Federal Triangle and then walked a block or two and we were there! A 15-20 minute journey to see some of the most iconic symbols of modern democracy – so brilliant! (If it hadn’t been below freezing outside we could have walked the distance too)

3. Living on campus

In Australia most students commute to the campus. There is the option of living on campus, but only a small percentage do at my university. I do not miss sitting on the train in peak hour trying to get to a 9am class, only to discover the trams to the university campus aren’t running because of road work. No more half-awake tram trips clutching my coffee and trying not to spill it on the businessman in the suit next to me. The convenience of being able to go back to my dorm between classes to drop books off, have a cup of tea and relax is brilliant.

4. My GWorld card

At home my university ID is just a library card and proof I’m a student (for student tickets at the cinemas, etc). Here my GWorld is a key to the dorm building and gives me access to the gym and library. Plus I can charge my GWorld up with money. I can use it at food stores all over campus, not to mention at Wholefoods and CVS pharmacy. At first I thought I’d just charge it up so I could use it in the laundry room and for photocopying and printing. But more than once now I’ve gone to the food court in the basement of my dorm and forgotten my bank card. Thankfully, it’s no problem because I have my GWorld! I do love convenience.


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